Pioneer DJS-1000 Standalone Sampler

Pioneer DJS-1000 Standalone Sampler; is a new product from Pioneer DJ designed like the Pioneer CDJs and similar in features like the Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16. This sampler is equipped with a performance sampler and sequencer for the Producer DJ. It allows you trigger sounds and loops and add layers of beat and sample during your session. You can also record sample live audio for live remixing and producing whilst tweaking your sounds to the tinniest detail.

Equipped with a 16 button step sequencer, 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads, 7″ touchscreen display and a touch strip mimicking the Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 but with a portrait layout (like a CDJ) in contrast to the TORAIZ SP-16. The Dave Smith effects and filters on the TORAIZ SP-16 is also not on the DJS-1000.

Pioneer DJS-1000 Standalone Performance Sampler

Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16

Load your files via a USB Stick or from your laptop using the USB port, you can also record live music and sample/remix. This unit has a fader and tempo nudge for manual beat-matching. You can also link the DJS-1000 to a compatible Pioneer CDJ using an ethernet cable thus allowing you to sync both devices. The DJS 1000 is also equipped with headphone output, check out your input / output options in the image below;

The Pioneer DJS-1000 opens up a new world of possibilities and creativity for the Producer/DJ though expensive at $1,199 the product is  targeted towards the top crop of the DJ market. Definitely not for beginner DJs. Great tool for the Producer DJ especially in the EDM, Techno and House Genre.

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Credits: Pioneer DJ

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