September 5, 2016


SKAH DJ Blog delivers the latest news, update, developments, articles, tips, tricks, shows, events, gadgets, software and products to its readers. We are aiming to be the Number 1 DJ blog in Africa.

SKAH DJ Blog donates a percentage of our profits to mainly to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and sometimes to a few charity organisations in Northern Nigeria. To assist in feeding, housing, clothing and providing medical supplies to IDPs and the less privileged in the society as well as re-integrating them into the society via employment or business.

SKAH DJ Blog partly earns revenue via advertisement (specifically Google Adsense). We also earn revenue via our affiliate links, mainly but not exclusively through Amazon. When we link to products, we earn a small sales commission. If you like a product reviewed on SKAH DJ Blog, by buying through our link, you are helping to fund the site, so please consider doing this. After all, there will be no difference in price if you do not buy through our link. We are also committed to giving back to the society via our CSR programs listed above.

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