THE NEW PIONEER CDJ-3000 – Pioneer recently released a refreshed edition into the CDJ’s family after their last release of the CDJ-2000 back in 2011. The CDJ-3000 is indeed packed with lots of features such as the extra smooth jog wheel, nine-inch touch screen with a LCD screen in the center to shows the play-head position and also for a quick visual reminder of loaded tracks, eight cue pads beneath the screen which was formerly beside the screen, aluminum face-plate, dedicated Beat Jump with four and eight bar loops, Key Synchronizing functionality, a redesigned MPU inside the player, an audio live review etc.

The CDJ-3000 comes in two colored customized forms (black and white). The version comes with an advanced performance control and creative options with play rekordbox-analyzed music from USB drives via export mode.

Connect your laptop via a USB HID cord or connect your iPhone/iPad via a USB cord with a Lightning to the USB Camera Adapter and play from rekordbox for iOS for free, no subscription needed. This obviously means no streaming or cloud DJing.

The CDJ-3000 comes with a new Pro DJ link lightning features which allows you to synchronize your sounds with light. The mechanism is designed in such a way that, the CDJ-3000 sends a phrase analysis information into your rekordbox either for PC or Mac, so you can control the lightning effects via the RB-DMX1.

The CDJ-3000 supports audio file format such as ALAC, AAC, AIFF, FLAC, MP3 and WAV. Also support system files such as FAT, FAT32 and HFS+. The CDJ-3000 is compactable with rekordbox and serato.

The CDJ-3000 comes is packed in box with the following (excluding some region)

  • Power cord( V-lock)
  • Digital audio cable
  • Analog audio cable
  • LAN cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Precaution for Use



  • Width:                        329mm
  • Height:                      118mm
  • Depth:                       453mm
  • Weight:                      5.5kg
  • D/A Converter:           Asahi kasei DAC (AK4490EQ)
  • Frequency Range:     4 – 40000 Hz
  • Distortion:                  < 0.0018%
  • Audio Output Level:   2.0 Vrms (1 kHz, 0 dB)


  • 9” inch full colored HD LCD touch screen
  • On Jog colored LDC Display

Performance Control

  • Jog Dial size – 206mm
  • Hot Cue
  • Auto Beat Loop
  • Beat Jump/Loop Move
  • Beat Sync
  • Key Sync/Key Shift
  • Slip Mode
  • Reverse
  • Vinyl Speed Adjust


  • Playable media which includes USB storage devices (flash memory/Hard disk drives, etc.), SD Cards, Computers (Mac/Windows PC) and iPhones/iPads.
  • 1 LAN port (1000Base-T)
  • 2 USB Port (Port A & B)
  • 1 Output each for Analogue (RCA) and Digital (Coaxial)

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Credits: Pioneer
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