Pioneer RB-DMX1 Lighting Interface for RekordBox

Pioneer RB-DMX1 Lighting Interface for RekordBox; a new interface for RekordBox that gives total control on all DMX512 supported lighting equipment. This equipment makes lights and music synchronize effortlessly. With this equipment you can preconfigure several lighting patterns. You can also edit patterns on the fly to the size of the venue or the theme of the event.

Pioneer has been on a good run of form in recent times with a consistent avalanche of products (hardware and software). You can read our last post on Pioneer’s latest controller that has been a source of media frenzy – Pioneer DDJ 1000

Pioneer RB-DMX1 uses advanced processes to detect song patterns and automatically generate illuminations that match the song. This equipment comes bundled with the license key for RekordBox DJ so you can perform straight out of the box.


  • Pioneer RB-DMX1 is small and compact, yet solidly built in aluminum packaging in a way that it protects the terminals.
  • Easy to connect. With your USB cable, you can easily connect to and control the DMX512 fixtures.
  • Professional support from Pioneer via the support forum and all issues including DMX configuration will be resolved quickly.
  • Bundled with license key for RekordBox DJ. You can make visuals straight out of the box.
  • This equipment is also compatible with PC and Mac.
  • Decrease pre-show prep time with the wide variety of presets. Quickly modify presets on the fly. 




Pioneer RB-DMX1

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Credits: Pioneer DJ

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