DJ on the Dance Floor!

DJ on the Dance Floor! A mind blowing question was popped by one of our online readers. I decided everyone should know the question and also drop your comments. “Should a DJ join the dance floor while playing?” WOW!!! Indeed it’s a great question. I’ll be sharing with everyone the DJ’s relationship with the dance floor. We will also look at how it really helps and put a great difference on the dance floor.


Many DJs are not so into dancing. They only move to the beat. DJ’s that dance and move in the booth during their set do not only extend certainty, they also get others into groove.  Moving to the groove puts you straightforward in contact with the essential feel of the mood and can forestall basic move floor mistakes that will make everybody stop and leave totally. Lets be honest, when a party is at its peak, you can escape with nearly anything. However, there is nothing harder than getting an unfilled floor going. Now and again, the start required to begin that fire is you and your normal energy for the music.


We all have to know this, it is acceptable by some management of clubs/events (indoor or outdoor), while it is not in some. In all, it depends on the tempo a certain dance floor might seem to be, making it awesome for the DJ to leave his booth and head straight for the dance floor with full assurance that’s his/her songs are in full control for the time he/she will spend on the dance floor. This shouldn’t be done under the influence of alcohol or any form of instigation, because it might actually bring the dance floor to a halt. But rather, let it be of good influence, motivation for the shy once and stunning for the history of it. Imagine a celebrity DJ leaving the booth and joining the dance floor; crazy right?


Some of the reason why a DJ leaves the booth for a quick dance includes;

  • Spike-up the dance floor
  • Join friends
  • Entertain the audience
  • Show love to his fans
  • Personal love for a particular track and many more…

But for Real, it does help on the dance floor. Now I’m throwing the question to you; “SHOULD A DJ JOIN THE DANCE FLOOR WHILE STILL IN THE MIX?”  Drop off your comment in the comments section and share the link to get answers from friends and friends of friends.

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