Announcing Numark NTX 1000 – Professional High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable

Announcing Numark NTX 1000 – Professional High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable. Here is another new product from Numark. This is the 2nd product announced by the inMusic owned brand within weeks. Numark announced the affordable NS6 II DJ Controller with advanced features recently. Here is another budget-friendly addition to its products range.

  • Full-size platter with high-torque direct-drive motor
  • 2-speed design: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
  • Tonearm with height adjustment, damped cueing and anti-skate control
  • Pitch range adjustable to ±8%, ±16%, and ±50%
  • Adjustable counterweight for perfect tonearm balance
  • Pitch fader with reset button
  • Start and stop time knobs for adjustable time ramping
  • 45 RPM adapter included

Numark announced that the NTX1000 has a special isolation design which resists feedback and external vibrations, even in the loud and  bass-heavy environments.

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Credits: Numark

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