Time Out with VDJ Sparrow

VDJ Sparrow whose real names are Macdonald Jack spent some time with us recently. He spoke about his deejaying career, developments in the industry and tips for the aspiring DJs.

Tell us about VDJ Sparrow?

I am Fabulous VDJ Sparrow ‘tha Scratch Icon’ that is my Stage name. I am the CEO of Fabulous Sounds, the resident DJ of Spring Place and Pin Place Event Centre. For me, deejaying started ten years ago. I had an early interest in music. As a child I always wanted to be in control of music and sound. Deejaying automatically became a part of me based on my early interests.

Music is soothing and it lightens the burdens of life. I make people happy through music and deejaying. I started by making music on cassettes from local stores and gradually moved into the making of CDs and mini storage devices.

I did a lot of practice and research. I met other DJs and I learnt how to setup sound. I was always on the internet looking for new stuff.


Who inspired you the most?

DJ Jazzy Jeff (U.S) and DJ Joe Mfalme (Kenya) inspired me.

Which gig is the most memorable for you?

I have had so many memorable moments but I will have to go with Caniriv 2012 in Port Harcourt.

Tell us about the worst moment in your deejaying career.

My worst moment ever was at a friend’s wedding. There was power outage during the couple’s entrance at the reception.

Which equipment do you prefer? Turntables, CDJs or Controllers?

Turntables, CDJs and Controllers all achieve the same purpose. I can work with all of them. It is a matter of choice.

What DJ Software do you use? Why is that?

I use the Serato and Traktor because of their durability.

 What is your opinion on Auto Sync?

Auto Sync is simply cheating and laziness. For me it feels like the DJ is not playing live or it is just a mixtape playing in the background.

 Which effect is your favourite?

My favourite effects are Echo Out and Delay.

If you had to deejay for your listening pleasure, what genre will you play?

It would be 90s – 2000 Hip Hop

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

The track that never gets old whenever I listen to it is – Last Night the DJ saved my life by Indeep.

What is one track that got popular that you can’t stand?

That would be Hip Hop Hurray by Naughty by Nature

Where do you source for music?

I source for music from iTunes, Notjustok, TooXclusive and so on.

What festivals, events or shows would you like to play at?

I would love to play at the FIFA Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Will you like to share a few of your secret tricks with us?

My secret is simple. Be prayerful, practice and always be on the Internet.


What is one mistake you see a lot of upcoming DJs make? What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?

Getting into the industry for the wrong reason and my advice to them is; get educated, have a passion for what you do and love your job.

 How can we move deejaying forward in Nigeria, just like the music, movies and entertainment industry? What do we need to do, to get investors to put in more funds into deejaying?

Deejaying would move forward in Nigeria if DJs show love to one another thereby building the DJ community and its association. A problem to one, is a problem to all and happiness to one, is happiness to all. DJs should also have an Annual DJs’ hang out and learn to encourage one another.

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