Mixars Duo – Professional 2 Channel Battle Mixer for Serato DJ


RP: $999.00

Mixars is a part of RCF Group and a new manufacturer of pro-grade DJ equipment. The company has its corporate head office in Italy. Mixars released turntables, mixers, headphones, studio equipment and accessories since its debut. We specifically want to look at the Mixers Duo (which was recently released; a 2 channel battle mixer for Serato DJ with RGB backlit pads for cue points and SP-6 sampler. This mixer also has an effects section and it is endowed with knobs that are rugged and sturdy.



DUO is the ultimate plug-and-play mixer for Serato DJ.

DUO has 8 RGB backlit pads on board for triggering 8 cue points per deck or the SP-6 sampler. The DUO built-in USB hub also provides 2 extra USB connections to allow integration to other USB devices such as MIDI controllers.

Crossfader and line fader settings are easy to adjust on the DUO front panel.

The DUO Exclusive Sampler switch allows to recall Sampler Mode or Cue section Instantly.

The MIXARS DUO is a solid mixer with phono/line inputs, mic input, XLR Output, Booth Output, USB2.0 Hub, integrated 24-bit/48kHz audio soundcard, analog low/high-pass filter on each channel and many other controls.

Advanced users can custom map most mixer controls to many other third-party audio softwares.


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