Features of the new Gemini SDJ-4000

Features of the new Gemini SDJ-4000; this product is available for review at NAMM 2017. It is priced at $999 and scheduled for commercial release in Q3, 2017. The competition is getting more intense from these manufacturers which is good as we expect prices to crash. See below the features of the Gemini SDJ 4000;

  • Two-deck, four-channel USB DJ solution
  • Capable of song analysis, beat synchronised effects, sync and track search, without any prior software analysis
  • High resolution 7″ colour screen (not touchscreen) with different view such as moving waveforms and the locations of loops and cues
  • Standalone 4 Channel mixer with built-in effects processing
  • Ethernet connection of up to two additional media players
  • Share USB libraries and sync to compatible external players via ethernet connection
  • Two mic inputs, a Mini-Innofader crossfader and 16 RGB LED performance pads

The SDJ-4000 can also be used as a controller though we are yet to confirm which of the top DJ software will work with this.


  • Good product for the mobile DJ
  • Mini-Innofader inclusive
  • 2 USB ports, second USB port can be used for both playback and recording
  • Ethernet connection for up to 2 additional media players for sharing library


  • Quite expensive for a lower brand. Same price with a Denon MC 7000 which has more features. Denon MCX 8000 and Roland DJ-808  are even better options though more expensive.
  • 7-inch screen is not touchscreen
  • Compatibility with top DJ software remains unconfirmed

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